During activity, the AFT SportSleeve pumps and pushes you to another level.


Re-think your limits. Re-write your personal best.


Doing your daily run or a triathlon, on your bike, on the rugby pitch or on the eighteenth fairway, it’s you. But further.


Faster. Stronger. For longer.



Superior anti-fatigue

superior anti-fatigue

enhanced recovery

improved joint stability

protection against injury


When it comes to performance, the AFT SportSleeve is the difference. It’s the extra %.

What is Anatomic Focus Technology? How Does It Work?

Anatomic – the AFT SportSleeve provides enhanced graduated compression around your key calf ‘muscle pump’.

Focus – the strategically placed pads are anatomically focused on to specific surface veins and lymphatics, providing the compression ‘sweet spot’ – compression, optimised, absolutely.

Technology – the revolutionary design of AFT pads enhances venous return, pushing blood more effectively and more rapidly back to your heart increasing your ability to train harder, train longer, perform better and recover quicker.

Boosting your second heart

In your calf ‘muscle pump’, you have an extremely efficient ‘second heart’. This significantly helps your blood supply flow back up your body. The AFT SportSleeve assists your second heart in doing its job.

Gravity pulls blood down – the AFT SportSleeve directs it and pushes it back where it came from – the heart, increasing stroke volume and heart rate towards their peak. And as every sports scientist will testify, increased and more efficient blood flow is the key to increased performance.

It’s the extra %

What They Say About Anatomic Focus Technology

I was a little sceptical regarding VO2 and performance levels being influenced by this technology but my key athletes and I decided to trial the various options over a number of months in day to day running and on specialist camps.

The results have been fantastic with not only a better level of compression and fit, making the final third of key races/sessions less tiring or uncomfortable, but also increases in performance. Athletes have worn the product in key races, particularly the half, full marathon and ultras, and experienced faster times or strong performances on the day.

It’s hard to measure the exact percentage gains versus the training peak or athlete performance but the feel and increase has certainly been noticeable by all.


Nick Anderson

Coaching Editor, Running With Us

As a triathlon coach, I have come across a wide variety of products on the market, whether through my own purchases, samples given to me, or those belonging to the athletes I coach.

I myself have been using compression socks for a while but never bought into the performance enhancing properties of the product. I used them mainly to prevent shin splints, reduce muscle trauma and aid recovery.

When I was presented with the AFT SportSleeve, you can forgive me for thinking there would be nothing dramatically different. Firstly, the sock is made of a much stronger fabric, with less elasticity than other products on the market. It feels like it is really going to maintain it’s strength. Inside, the sock has wide rows of beads. The standard of manufacture is clearly high spec.

Once they’re on, you feel a real pressure on the muscle that is well maintained. The beads are not painful at all. So I went for a brick session. On the bike, after a minute, I totally forgot about them. It is more comfortable to ride with them than without, and then I began to notice the real benefits. For the first time whilst riding I noticed that I was building less burn in the legs. They seemed to accelerate my recovery between efforts, and in doing so allowed me to get a marginal gain in recovery during the ride. When it came to the run, I was now tired and the sock kept its integrity and compared to other products, didn’t lose their strength and compression potential. An even calf pressure was maintained and I had no pain due to vibration.

Another thing that I really like about the product, is that my calves don’t get hot while wearing them. This is very important to me that under perform when too hot.

When I removed the sleeves, I could see the effect of compression with the beads  leaving little marks on my skin (that disappeared after a minute). The compression was fairly strong but I felt very comfortable. I think that is the secret of the fabric.

This season I have finished 3 70.3 and 2 Ironman events wearing the sleeves, as well as during training. I also wore them over night after very long training days. They are an important tool in my quest for improved performance. I personally recommend them. To me they are the real deal and best on the market to date.

Fabien Rosso
Certified Ironman and BTF Triathlon Coach
Multiple Ironman and Ironman 70.3 finisher
Triathlon sprint and Olympic Age Grouper Qualified

I decided to use the AFT SportSleeves for the first time at a 5km hilly run race. For the last year my personal best has stayed the same but this morning, I took 12 seconds of my personal best with what felt like no effort. I know at first glance someone from the outside would say but isn’t it placebo effect? My answer would be NO!

Towards the end of my week, normally I start feeling tired and the legs start feeling weaker and tired. Using the AFT SportSleeves I have almost the same energy and strength as I had at the beginning of the week, and so giving me much more to put towards training over the weekend. What I also found, is that my muscles have more sprinting twitch, or power than before. This is where the AFT SportSleeves start working, in giving my internal working muscles more oxygen and blood return. The wasting of external blood and pushing in of blood into the deeper muscle is giving all the benefit and more.

I have so much more energy, stamina and strength than before and it shows in my results and times.

AFT SportSleeves give you lower risk of injury. The tightness and elasticity of the fabric takes the shock and vibrations out of your running stride making it feel more like gliding in the lower leg area and combining the positioning of the AFT SportSleeves in turn give you more speed and muscle feedback. Normal compression calf supports give you better blood return than not using any. I am able to do harder sessions what feels like less effort and that just makes you train even harder.

I keep my AFT SportSleeves on for at least 4 hours after training. This gives me an above average recovery time and giving me fresh legs soon after ready for the next training session. This also gives me the opportunity to get more regular training sessions in at higher intensity rather than lower intensity trying to save the legs from fatigue and injury.

I can’t wait to do Ironman Wales in the AFT SportSleeves and what else gets developed before that. It can only be good news as the idea behind AFT is the right one and I feel I can believe in it to work for me. I use AFT SportSleeves every day! When an athlete finds something that works, we hold on to it with everything we have! It becomes a religion to us.  AFT has become that in such a short time span.

Thank you
May we work on more to come.

Hugo Smuts
SA cycling and Iron Man runnerd

The extra % – the evidence

Trial results – 5k circuit

Performance increase*

Trial results – 5k circuit

Amateurs recorded a 4-­5% increase in heart rate and cardiac output and a corresponding 6% improvement in time. Elite runners and cyclists (being fitter to start with) showed less cardiac improvement, but significantly improved times; better even than the amateurs.

* Wearing AFT SportSleeve compared to ordinary sports socks

Meet The Team Behind Anatomic Focus Technology

Inventor and Surgeon

Stephen remains a practising Consultant Surgeon, with a proven track record of innovation in both the medical and retail sectors.

He specialised in vascular surgery with particular interests in venous disease, renal access, surgery for the diabetic limb and wound management.

He is honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London and a serial inventor. Anatomic Focus Limited was set up in 2014.


Kevin has 30 years of advertising experience in both strategic planning roles and general management, including four Chief Executive appointments. This includes a decade at Saatchi & Saatchi where he was both UK Group CEO and Global Chief Strategy Officer.

In 2005 he was named one of Time magazine’s world beaters in global business and a decade later in 2014, was named one of Debrett’s 500 most influential people in the UK.

His real passion lies in aviation; a pilot for 25 years; cars, a 20 year ownership of 911’s and sport. The latter consuming most of his weekends as he stands alongside wife Liz on a touchline supporting his three childrens’ school teams.

They all will be wearing AFT next season!

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